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Get Fit On Your Own Terms

With J-Ray FIT

Boolaroo’s J-Ray FIT is a gym that offers strength and conditioning training in both a group setting or one-to-one personal training. They provide support, meal plans, goal setting and you are near guaranteed to make some friends for life along the way. 

J-Ray FIT founder, Jessie Ray, says she was inspired to start the business after having a child and realising new mums needed a safe space where they can both train and watch over their kids.

“I have been into health and fitness my whole life but once I got married, the baby came, and I put on a lot more weight than expected. With Postpartum, it was really tough to find a gym where I could train, feel comfortable and bring my baby with me. From that experience my vision was created.” Jessie says. 

“I had a mission to open a gym where mums had a place to train, feel supported and the whole family were just as welcome as they were so that’s what I did.”

If you’re looking to set and reach some new goals, you’re going to need to stay motivated. Here are a few J-Ray approved tips to get you started:

Get Fit On Your Own Terms

01. Set Goals

The most important thing you can do is set goals that will both push you forward while still being achievable. Once you lock down your major goal (e.g. losing 10kg), break that goal down into smaller, more achievable benchmarks (lose 2kg by the end of the month). What you do each and every day will help your overall goal.

02. Find exercise that you enjoy.

The gym might not be for you and that’s totally fine. You might enjoy running, riding or playing sports instead. But if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then it’s not going to be sustainable long term. 

03. Bring a friend

If you are feeling anxious about starting something new, try and bring a friend along with you. The extra support and familiar face will help you get there and calm the nerves. 

Get Fit On Your Own Terms

04. Hold yourself accountable

Again, this could be with a friend, a trainer or simply booking yourself into a class. Once you’ve made the commitment to someone it’ll be a lot harder to back out. 

05. Eat to fuel your body

Think 80 to 90 per cent whole foods and 10 to 20 per cent soul foods. Balance is key and eating healthy should fit into your lifestyle to make it sustainable long term.

06. Remember to have fun!

There is nothing better than doing something for you while you are improving your health, fitness and lifestyle. Enjoy yourself and feel good for it.

“She was inspired to start the business after having a child and realising new mums needed a safe space where they can both train and watch over their kids.”

If you’re after an accountability buddy, trainer or would just like to check out J-Ray FIT, you can find them on socials by searching ‘J-Ray FIT’ or head to You can receive a one week free trial plus go into the running to win a whole month free membership by mentioning Newcastle Living.

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