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The Cost of Renovations

Like many of us, if you’ve been watching a lot of home improvement shows you may have thought ‘this looks easy, I could do that!”. However, the cost alone can be enough to turn anyone off. 

According to Houzz, the average cost of renovating a kitchen alone ranges from $12,000 to $20,000. It can truly be a big investment and commitment to make this decision. However, renovating will increase the value of your home. Not to mention the pleasure you find living in it. If you know renovating is a must for you, it might be time to consider a mortgage broker. 

“A skilled broker takes all the guesswork out by planning the financing for a renovation.” 

A skilled broker takes all the guesswork out by planning the financing for a renovation. You won’t have to navigate the multitude of options. From researching the best value packages, to completing the necessary paperwork, brokers will do the leg work for you (not to mention the knowledge they have at their fingertips).

A few lending options mortgage brokers offer include:

  • Using your existing home loan to finance the renovations
  • Finding a new home loan that can better accommodate your budget
  • Exploring the best value personal loans to cover the costs
The Cost of Renovations

A broker with your best interests at heart will talk you through all the available options and help you decide which is the best for your circumstances. If you’re keen to get started on your new renovation, contact Heath Williams today. 

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