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Three benefits of investing in home staging with DW Designs

In the real estate landscape, home staging is often an unsung hero. When done well, potential buyers walking through an open inspection won’t be able to tell it’s even been staged by a professional – they’ll simply look around and feel like they could really live here. But how do you get to this point? We recently spoke to Daniel Wilson of DW Designs, who was able to give us three concrete benefits of investing in interior staging that will lead to people being able to see their future in your property.

1 / Increased ability to market your property

Maximising your property’s marketability is done through many different channels, and each works together to create an overall experience. From the choice of photographer, to digital platforms your property is shown on, there are a lot of variables. Daniel says that home staging plays a crucial role in defining the buyer’s journey well before they step through the front door. 

“Think about where a buyer’s journey first starts when they are looking for a home. People often begin to search homes on or What they first see is the photos, the quality of imagery and the content. So that’s where you initially pull the buyer in,” says Daniel. 

Staging gives you the ability to better define the property’s presence online. It’s a lot like dressing up to go to a dinner party – the details matter. Daniel says when combined with videography and photography, you can elevate the overall feel of the home. 

“Making sure your online presence is better than anything else on the market to capture buyers attention. So staging, with the right photos, and the composition and angles will absolutely highlight your home.”

2 / Stronger emotional connection to a space

As we discussed up top, when home staging is done, a potential buyer can picture themselves living in the space. Daniel tells us this is all about forming an emotional connection to space. This is done through a number of different factors including furniture materials, small details such as flowers, and even the overall positioning of these different elements. 

“When a buyer walks in, you want them to imagine themselves living in the home. You want them to imagine entertaining their friends, bringing up their kids, living their lifestyle. So staging will showcase how they will live in the home, entertain in the home, how they will be comfortable in the home.” 

“We always pick a colour palette and a theme that flows from start to finish. So it’s not jolty, it’s not jarring. They are on a journey, they aren’t going from one style to another style to another colour – it’s all done to flow.”

Three benefits of investing in home staging with DW Designs

3 / Creating a relatable while elevated space 

Ultimately, it’s about creating a fully formed space that balances the line between refined yet lived in. You want people to know the space is livable, but moving here would improve your quality of life and the type of lifestyle you could live. 

“At the end of the day, particularly in this current market, it’s real people buying real houses with real money. So I need to have it so that people can walk in and think ‘oh wow I can do this, I can have this, this is me.’” 

“You don’t want the home to feel intimidating because if the staging is over the top, then you’re going to turn them off buying the home. You don’t want them to say ‘the house only looks good because of the staging’. You want the end result to enhance what’s already there.”

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