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What People Want In Lake Macquarie

Having sold properties in the Lake Macquarie area for more than 25 years, it’s interesting to reflect on the changes I’ve seen in the marketplace. There has been a significant change in not only development, but in the demographic of new buyers entering the area.

Back in 2017, Lake Macquarie City Council began a 10 year strategic plan to improve the connectability between residents and their infrastructure, the environment and services. The council has worked hard to create new recreational areas, upgrade many suburban town centres, allowing greater accessibility for residents and visitors alike. With these improvements, the desirability to live in Lake Macquarie has greatly increased. With this increase in demand also came an influx of buyers who, in the past, may not have considered the Lake Macquarie area.

“We’ve been seeing a big migration to northern parts of the state and Lake Macquarie is no exception.”

It’s now the new norm to be dealing with a strong number of buyers from outer areas. In fact, 40 per cent of our current property enquiries are Sydney based. It’s been well-documented since the advent of COVID-19 that many Sydneysiders have reassessed their lifestyles. We’ve been seeing a big migration to northern parts of the state and Lake Macquarie is no exception. With new residents to the area, comes new ideas and drivers in what these couples, families, investors and retirees want.

The natural beauty of the area, the lake, beaches and unspoilt bushland have always been a strong drawcard. But there has been a big push to improve development in a sustainable way. Not only considering the environment but to include better entertainment, accessible shopping centres, transport, schools and medical facilities. This is the balance buyers are wanting and local stakeholders, governments, businesses and developers are continually improving and providing. Being an aquatic paradise, there has also been a lot of work carried out around the lake to improve boating use. Developers are investing in new marinas in several locations, important to people moving to Lake Macquarie to enjoy boating, sailing, fishing and skiing in the many waterways.

What People Want In Lake Macquarie

New families are part of a demographic generational shift in established areas, with many of the ageing population now moving out. As the older residents relocate, there is more demand for quality over 55’s and aged care developments. Many of these downsizers are selling to young families, and in turn, these buyers are looking for good schools, sporting and entertainment for their children. So, this cycle of change is placing demand on the LGA to constantly evolve and improve.

As we move into 2022, I see a very strong market ahead of us. The Lake Macquarie market will continue to be buoyed by both local and out of area buyers, moving into the diverse suburbs of the area. This can only be a good thing, because it comes with new ideas and visions, all with the one goal of continually improving such a beautiful area, in a sustained and measured way. 

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