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Bespoke Builds

Built by Eli is a Newcastle-based building company specialising in high quality and bespoke builds, with a firm focus on building long-term relationships with clients. Newcastle Living recently spoke to head honcho Eli Conroy about Built by Eli’s history, standout work, and their new Maggie Street development.

Bespoke Builds

How did Built by Eli come about?

After I completed my apprenticeship for a great builder in the Blue Mountains, I wanted to work for myself and build my own company – so the seed was really planted early in my apprenticeship. For me, it was a no-brainer at the time, but obviously there was plenty of work to get the company up and running at 23 years old. 

What is it that sets Built by Eli apart from your competition?

For us, trust is at the heart of what we do. We make sure we’re trusted to price the project, work in or on someone’s home, and to deliver the home to the best standard possible. Builders have got a bad reputation for not being trusted through the process or letting clients down, so we would sooner drop everything to help a client than have them feel like we’re not on their side. 

Bespoke Builds

What’s the best standout project your team has worked on? 

A house in Wickham by Curious Practice called ‘Vikki’s Place’. The brief was to keep everything as raw a finish as possible. So that’s what we did, but by doing so that left little room for error, and made the home one of a kind. It was also the first project that really received good publicity, winning the local Newcastle Architecture Award for best new home. 

Bespoke Builds

We’re sure you get some challenging requests from clients and architects. What has been your most challenging request you were able to deliver on? 

A recent cafe renovation for Equium Social was a fun challenge. We had three weeks to turnaround a full renovation and alteration of the cafe. We ended up getting a week extension due to COVID-19 affecting some staff, so it took day and evening work to get it across the line. As far as challenging home builds, we get components that are challenging but nothing so far has really pushed our limits and capabilities, but we are waiting for that one to come along. 

Bespoke Builds

What is one piece of advice for someone wanting to build an architectural home? 

Lock in your builder and architect early. By doing this, you’re getting a service from the start of your design journey. I think our input as builders is invaluable at this early stage. We can then help the architect or designer and clients with design, budget and scheduling commencement dates as early as possible in the process. 

About the Maggie Street Development

Bespoke Builds

We hear you’re currently working on Maggie Street Development in Mayfield East, what about this development are you most excited about?

The thing that makes me most excited about the construction of Maggie street is to then use it as a guide for future development in the Newcastle and Hunter region. I want to prove to future clients, community, council and developers that spending extra on design and build costs does pay off and is also ethically the best choice. 

Why did you choose to go with an award-winning architect Curious Practice?

They have thoughtful ideas, a great knowledge of council guidelines and what can be achieved. Knowing the project will only mature with time and sit well on the landscape and streetscape means we have the same vision for the project.

Tell us a little bit more about the finishes internally, externally, and how they differ from other local developments?

Internally, space is probably the main selling point. They’re not big inside, but the use of space makes them unique which interacts well with the spotted gum and polished concrete floors, and detailed joinery from solid hardwood. Not to mention the high ceilings and architectural details internally. Externally, we have used a fibre cement cladding, which has wood pulp through it, anodised aluminum windows and zincalume sheeting.

Bespoke Builds

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Eli Conroy

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