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Five reasons to consider getting a pre-purchase building inspection.

Are you considering buying a new piece of property? As we’re sure you’ve heard time and time again, buying a new home or investment can be an exciting time in your life – but also one that can be filled with a fair amount of uncertainty. Like anything in life, the more prepared you are going into a situation, the more levelheaded you can be when making a decision. So how do you do this when it comes to buying property? The answer is simple: pre-purchase building inspections. Keeping this in mind, here are five reasons to consider getting a pre-purchase building inspection.

1 / Identify hidden defects

While there are a number of benefits to undertaking a pre-purchase building inspection, being able to have a professional identify any hidden and unwanted defects is by far highest on the list. You wouldn’t buy a car without checking the engine, so buying a home should be no different. Having a qualified professional give you a detailed report allows you to assess if the repairs will justify the purchase.

2 / Having negotiating power

This leads to negotiating power. Being equipped with a full arenesal of knowledge ultimately gives you the upper hand. You now know exactly what the property is worth, this means you have the tools to effectively settle on a price both you and the seller are happy with. It also means you won’t be caught out when you find anything that does need repairs. Which brings us to our next point.

3 / Knowing how to budget for repairs

Having effectively negotiated a satisfactory price, having had an inspection means you can budget for any and all repairs before you’ve settled on a price. This means you’re not overcapitalising straight out of the gate, and you can’t get caught out stressed and underprepared for the costs. 

House Inspect Australia

4 / Compliance with legal requirements

Another benefit that doesn’t get spoken about enough is being able to comply with legal requirements. Houses built in different eras aren’t always up to code, so having a knowledge of this prior to purchase means you can update anything around the home before you’re caught out for someone else’s negligence.

5 / Maintaining peace of mind

At the end of the day, having all the above points means having peace of mind. It means avoiding becoming stressed or anxious at the thought of your new purchase – because at the end of the day this is a time for celebration, not cause for worry.

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House Inspect Australia

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