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How different types of inspections can benefit your current or future home

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy, build, sell, or are simply just wanting a checkup for your home – an inspection can go a long way in making sure you know what potential issues your home might have.

Not only do they give you a clear indication of any potential issues with a property, they’re a great first line of defense in making sure your asset is well protected or saving you from investing money into a faulty asset. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the benefits for our range of services. 

Pre-purchase building inspections 

A pre-purchase building inspection takes the fear out of buying a home, eliminating any fear or concerns you might have about taking the plunge on a property. Here at House Inspect, our pre-purchase building inspections are conducted by fully insured and licensed builders, meaning you gain instant access to a whole wealth of knowledge to pinpoint any potential issues. This process is smooth and effortless on your end, but we recommend you learn as much as you possibly can, including general maintenance issues and also matters that may need repairing. 

Pre-purchase pest inspection

We work alongside Pest Inspect Australia to organise and carry out comprehensive inspections for timber pests. Fully licensed technicians will complete a visual timber pest inspection of all accessible and available areas of a property. This gives you the ability to return to normal quicker and not have to worry about sharing your property with any unwanted tenants. 

Swimming pool compliance inspections

If you’re already undergoing a building inspection, and the property has a pool, then it might be a good idea to get a swimming pool compliance inspection. All properties with a pool or spa need a compliance certificate issued for the pool fence before being sold. In our time, we’ve come across many sites that have tried to follow the rules by installing a glass fence, but have used the wrong material which is also non-compliant but also a risk. Our aim is to minimise any risk of non-compliance for you, so you can rest easy. 

How different types of inspections can benefit your current or future home

Stage inspections

If you’re in the process of building or renovating your dream home, we strongly recommend that independent building inspections are carried out at certain construction stages, to ensure the quality of work undertaken is not being compromised, isn’t defective, and is overall up to scratch. There are many stages of the building process, we recommend you get routines inspections when stages are complete, such as: 

  • Inspection of footings 
  • Inspection of completed wall and roof frames
  • Inspection of completed external roof and wall cladding
  • Inspection of internal linings and completed waterproofing 

Inspection at final handover

This is a larger-scale process to carry out, but it’ll also ensure you won’t find any nasty surprises six months or six years down the road. This means from the day the foundation is laid to the day you move in, you’ll have a complete and genuine peace of mind.

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