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Living knows living: a chat with Monsoon Living

Monsoon Living is more than just a homewares shop. Tucked away in ‘the Terraces’ on Newcastle’s King Street, the store has become a one-stop shop for everything home styling.

From furniture, to styling, and even interior design, the business is changing the insides of Newcastle homes one living room at a time. We were lucky enough to sit down with Tasha Ireland to discuss her journey from Hong Kong to Newcastle, her curation process, and tips for those looking to develop their own style. 

What was the driving force behind opening Monsoon Living? 

I was working in broadcast media in Hong Kong when I decided to return to Australia and start a business. My background was in media, but I also studied visual arts and enjoyed the process of sourcing and interior design. So I decided to create Monsoon Living. It seemed to offer the best of both worlds and meant that I could live in Australia but continue to travel and keep the close ties I had with South East Asia. I literally started with one 20 foot container of unique architectural elements from Mainland China.

Living knows living

How does being an interior designer compliment Monsoon Living?

I’ve always loved ‘the Terraces’ in King Street where Monsoon Living is located. So when one of the terraces became available my husband and I jumped at the opportunity and set about renovating and creating the space that is Monsoon Living. I think I have created a unique space and am constantly asked for interior design advice in-store, so it seemed like a very natural progression. I’m not interested in running a large design studio, so we only take on select jobs that our small team can manage. Plus I still love my days in-store and don’t want to give that up. 

What’s your process for sourcing your products? Do you source any local products?

I’m really tight with the curation of the store and some of my suppliers have literally been with us for close to a decade. I have learnt over the years to really trust my instinct when it comes to selecting products. I really wanted to bring something different to Newcastle, with ranges that were not already available in the city. So while our focus isn’t predominantly local suppliers, we do stock beautiful ceramics from Henry & Tunks and BRB along with some locally made clay pendant lights by local designer Gina Ermer. Most of our range has an understated elegance to it, with a touch of old world nostalgia and charm. 

Living knows living

“I have learnt over the years to really trust my instinct when it comes to selecting products.”

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to elevate their space or find their own style?

If you’re simply looking to elevate, always add something ‘living’. A beautiful indoor plant, a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl of lemons on the kitchen bench. When it comes to finding your own style, interiors tell a story of who you are, where you have come from – it’s a creative expression. Everyone has a style that is uniquely their own, they just need to trust it. There are always lots of trends but I try hard not to focus on them. Trends come and go but good design lasts forever. 

Can you please tell us more about the styling services you offer and the process?

Maybe it is the media background in me, but I love working on interior styling for professional photoshoots. This usually involves working with local photographers and architects to help them showcase their work for media and marketing purposes.

Living knows living

Contact Monsoon Living

0418 888 008
174 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

To see Monsoon Living’s full range, visit or just pop on down to their store at 174 King Street, Newcastle.