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Local Insights:
Throsby Precinct

Situated in and around Throsby Creek lies Carrington, Islington, Maryville, Tighes Hill and Wickham. The Throsby Creek Loop connects these suburbs with the Newcastle foreshore, offering a flat cycle or walkway of around 2.5 kilometres to the heart of Honeysuckle.

Local Insights: Throsby Precinct

Starting in Islington Park, it’s a very popular destination on weekends and you’ll be amazed at how this once neglected storm-water drain has been transformed into a beautiful innercity sanctuary and spot for small boats, paddle boarders or other water sports.

Today, the waterfront of Maryville is lined with townhouses, which are proving very popular with younger couples. Similarly, along the Wickham waterfront you’ll find numerous units and apartments. Carrington, or ‘Carrodise’ as it is known among the locals, is known for its miner’s cottages – but you’ll be amazed by the way many are being transformed with smart, architecturally designed additions on these smaller blocks. The centre of Carrington is home to Young Street, where you’ll find popular pubs, shops and cafes.

Tighes Hill and Islington have grown significantly in recent years, with many newcomers attracted to the ‘Inner-West’ lifestyle and proximity to shops and cafes, as well as a number of great primary schools.

Popular spots within the Throsby Creek Precinct include The Flotilla in Wickham, Praise Joe in Tighes Hill and Elementa in Wickham.

The average house price ranges from $790,000 in Carrington to $1.1 million in Maryville, while units have been selling from $772,500 to $1.45 million across the Throsby Precinct. The best return on investment for houses in this precinct sits at around 4.11%, while units along the Wickham waterfront can expect to return approximately 4.51%.


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Median House Price


Best Return on Investment
Wickham = 4.11%
Carrington = 4.02%
Islington = 4.00%


Median Unit Price


Best Return on Investment
Wickham = 4.51%
Carrington = 3.26%
Maryville = 2.89%

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