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Location to Lifestyle

Desirable Home Attributes

If you’re on the fence about whether to sell your property, a few key attributes result in some homes experiencing an absolute bidding frenzy. The particular features buyers are viewing as most valuable in the current market range from location to size to lifestyle, so we’ve put together a list of things Newcastle Living is seeing lead to sale prices going through the roof.

Location, location, location

Is your home near a sought-after school, a beautiful park, or close to a great cafe? Buyers are always eagle-eyed for these conveniences, and we’re seeing some pay far above reserve for these local comforts, as well as school zones. 

Lifestyle loving

Buyers are paying top dollar for homes that offer them a particular kind of lifestyle. As more and more people work remotely and spend a lot of time in their homes, properties that offer outdoor areas for entertaining as well as beautiful green spaces such as gardens and lawns – and even pools – offer them an idyllic home life. 

Location to Lifestyle

Size matters

Larger family homes are always in demand, and in the current market, they are selling quicker than ever. Homes with extra bedrooms and bathrooms are fast to sell, and bonus points go to those with a home office or second lounge. These days our homes double as classrooms, workplaces, local meeting points and more, and buyers are looking for properties that accommodate these various facets of home life.

“Homes with extra bedrooms and bathrooms are fast to sell, and bonus points go to those with a home office or second lounge.”

Age and condition

The age of a home plays into its desirability – every buyer has different wants and needs. Some seek a modern, relatively new build, and many love a character home. If the property is on the older side, ensuring it is in excellent condition before listing it by making minor updates can be beneficial. It’s important not to go too far, as buyers often will be looking to make their own renovations – so ensure structures are sound rather than going full ‘The Block’. Providing high-quality, simple finishes throughout the home can fetch a higher sale price.

Location to Lifestyle

Solar panels and batteries

As the cost of living continues its upward trajectory and electricity prices follow suit, for many buyers the prospect of owning a house with installed solar panels has become an aspect that tips them over the edge. Solar panels reduce power bills, so many will factor that into the final offer they present for the house. We are seeing buyers loving and making large offers on properties that have rain water tanks and batteries, and we don’t anticipate that changing any time soon.

Future prospects of the area

Do some research into what’s happening in the area, and make it a selling point if you choose to list. Chat with your agent as they may have some insider information. They’ll make it a highlight when listing and chatting with potential buyers. If your area has plans for new schools, upgraded hospitals or updated infrastructure, it can be even more appealing to buyers looking to move to the neighbourhood.

Every home has a unique selling point, and at Ray White Newcastle we ensure we get to know every seller and every home intimately in order to achieve the best outcome for each situation and property. If you’re considering selling, get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat to discuss the best way forward for your unique circumstances.

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